Steve, Dan Shaf, Tony & Mike

carp fishing holiday france

May 2022 Catch Report Steve, Dan Shaf, Tony & Mike Had a great holiday, they landed 41 carp. Included in the catch was  4 x 40 lb+ fish the biggest being a 45 lb Common. They also had 3 catfish to a whopping 141 lb. Not bad for a first fishing trip to France!!   Carp […]

Lake Record Catfish 148lb!

carp fishing holiday france

April 2022 Catch Report Lake record catfish 148lb Dal and Alfie, had a really good week first landing a whopping 138lb catfish and then later in the week landing the new lake record of ”148lb” they also had carp to 40lb+ Fish caught: Carp1 x 40lb+7 x 30lb+15 x 20lb+4 x doubles Catfish12 x catfish, including 138lb and […]

Another Great Week!

carp fishing holiday france

April 2022 Catch Report Another Great Week! Richard, Simon, Dan & David, Had some great fish all of them landing carp over 40lb, 6 landed in total the best was a lovely 47lb12oz Mirror followed by a beautiful 46lb common. In total they landed 65 carp. They also had a few cats to 40lb and […]

Big Cat Week!

Carp fishing france

April 2022 Catch Report Big cat week! Tim and son Alfie had a great week, Landing 3 massive cats 2 over the magical 100lb and a third at 95lb and to top it off they also had 3 carp over 40lb beating both their pbs for carp and cats. Fish Caught:Carp3 x 40lb+5 x 30lb+2 x […]

The Butler Family

Carp fishing france

April 2022 Catch Report The Butler family The Butler family had a great time, even though the weather was terrible, but this certainly didn’t put the fish off! They managed to catch an impressive 72 fish between 2 fishermen. The biggest Carp was 45:08 and the biggest cat a whopping ”125lb”   Carp caught:2 x 40lb+18 x 30lb+35 […]

Opening Week

March 2022 Catch Report Opening week Darren & Amanda Tony & Jane and Baz Had a great opening week at Etang Bertie.  They Landed 42 fish between 3 of them. 38 carp to 39:02 and 3 cats to a massive ”139lb”. Carp Caught:14 x 30lb+21 x 20lb+3 x doubles Catfish:36lb32lb139lb Zander:4lb Customer comments:Our first visit at La Bertie but […]

Catch Report February

Carp Fishing France

February 2022 Catch Report Ton up week at Etang Bertie We have had some old friends visit etang Bertie, for a short winter session. Some of our old regulars will recognize the photos of Micheal, one of our bailiffs from many years ago(the good old days). He was fishing with his friend Nikki who first […]

Two hundred pounders in a week!

carp fishing holiday france

October 2021 Catch Report Two hundred pounders in a week! Keith, Barry & John. Had a slow start to the week, John landed the first cat of 115lb midweek and Keith got his one on Friday. It was part of an action packed day where 12 fish were landed including 7 30lb + carp and 4 […]

Mark, Tim & Dom

carp fishing holiday france

October 2021 Catch Report Mark, Tim & Dom Had a great week, landing 49 carp included in the catch was 16 30lb + fish to 37lb 10oz the rest was mainly 20s. They also hooked, but lost five big cats (never mind lads, I am sure you will land one when you return)….. Anglers Comments:Lovely family, & great […]

Dave, Jay & Riess

carp fishing holiday france

October 2021 Catch Report Dave, Jay & Riess Arrived at the lake to rain, and boy did it rain, all day and night eventually stopping Sunday afternoon. Then the action started, the fish came on the feed big time. They had a fantastic week, landing 56 carp, the biggest was a beautiful common of 44lb. The […]