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Laval lies on the threshold of Brittany and is not far from Normandy. It was thus an important stronghold in northwestern France during the Middle Ages.

Today, it’s filled with all the modern amenities such as shops, restaurants, a few brocantes, and has two  fishing tackle shop. It has a small but quaint medieval centre with cobbled streets, divided by the beautiful Mayenne river.

It’s a short 30 minute drive from Etang Bertie to the centre of this historic town.

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Smaller than Laval but still a fairly big town, Vitré has everything Laval has to offer, from modern supermarkets to traditional french restaurants, and also boasts it’s own fishing tackle shop. It also boasts it’s own medieval centre, with a large castle open to visitors.

What’s more, the town of Vitré is just a 20 minute drive from Etang Bertie.

Other places to visit

At just 10 minutes drive away, Argentré-Du-Plessis is the closest town to Etang Bertie, featuring a supermarket, a bakery, and a couple of restaurants.

If you’d like to venture slightly further from the lake, La Guerche De Bretagne is a 15 minute car ride away. It’s another town which features two supermarkets, a bakery, and of course more restaurants.

carp fishing holiday france
carp fishing holiday france

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