Etang Bertie

Accommodation rated 3 stars by Gites de France

Millers french carp and cats

We offer exclusive family fishing holidays in Brittany, France. Designed and dug over 15 years ago, Etang Bertie is a stunning and well established carp and cat lake in France.

Etang Bertie is situated in the idyllic Brittany region of France. Our lake is the perfect venue for serious fishing, or a more casual family fishing holiday in France. The lake is well stocked with mirror carp to 50 lbs+, common carp to 45 lbs+ and catfish to over 130 lbs.

The lake has been specifically chosen and developed to ensure that all members of the family have plenty to do and naturally, being in rural France, there is no shortage of exciting and beautiful places to visit.

Closest ferry ports

Calais: 5 hours drive

Saint-Malo: 1 hour 20 minutes drive

Cherbourg: 2 hours 45 minutes drive

Caen: 2 hours 15 minutes drive

Lee Miller
carp and cats
carp and cats

2020 Tour of Etang Bertie

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