June/July 2023 Catch Report

Brad the Catman & friends

Brad the Catman has been back with his friends, they had a great week catching some lovely fish. But most importantly Brad got his 100lb+ Catfish, that was his target and he smashed it with a whopping “131lb Beast” Well done Brad, his friends also done good with the carp, landing 36 to over 40lbs.

Fish caught:
1 x 40lb+
10 x 30lb+
25 x 20lb+
1 x 12lb Koi

15lb, 58lb, 131lb
Another great week at Bertie, fishing great as usual and facilities perfect. Fishing really came alive between 6pm – 1am when the weather cooled down. Lee and Omm were great hosts and had everything we needed.
I really recommend using the house bait, smells great and is top quality. Will definitely be back again.

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