June 2019 Catch Report

Adam, Cazz, Mark, & Donna

These two husband & wife duos had an excellent week full of exciting catches. One of which was the first catfish of 2019 over 100 lbs. After putting up a fierce fight the monstrous catfish was finally on the bank and weighed an incredible 114 lbs.

In total 60 fish were caught this week, many of those being 30’s. The biggest carp to be caught was just shy of 46 lbs, coming in at 45 lbs 8oz.

Another great week of fishing at Etang Bertie with the average catch size growing continuously year after year.


Catch list of carp over 30 lbs this week:

  • 45 lbs 8oz mirror
  • 35 lbs 9oz common
  • 32 lbs 4oz mirror
  • 36 lbs 2oz mirror
  • 30 lbs 4oz common
  • 35 lbs 1oz commom
  • 35 lbs 8oz commom
  • 34 lbs common
  • 36 lbs mirror
  • 35 lbs 9oz common
  • 32 lbs 4oz mirror
  • 33 lbs mirror
  • 33 lbs common
Anglers Comments:
Great week.Thank you Lee and Family.See you next year

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